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Don't bother trying to make sense of the name (TR) TTOCCS REKARP (pronounced tox rekarp); a name Daniel Guaqueta made up when he was 12, when the project first began. Almost two decades later, (TR) TTOCCS REKARP has become an animated fixture of musical and visual collaborations through music videos, performance art, modern dance, and elaborate live musical arrangements of his recorded material. The result is a sonic mash-up of the electronic, the proverbial, the new, the replaced and the a capella. - Casey Parks

A drummer, a writer, a keen creative mind - Daniel Guaqueta, aka (TR) TTOCCS REKARP, is quickly emerging as a dynamic and inventive hybrid musician. With an eclectic sound influenced by continued experience melding the genres of electronica, rock, rap, world, jazz, pop, and classical, Daniel brings a powerful combination of talent and will that is reflected in each of his productions. Where his urban travels have constructed his technical aptitude, his Colombian heritage provides a unique spirituality and sense of purpose that has always driven him to succeed.

Regularly in and out of the studio, Daniel is constantly reworking the visual and audial elements of his music, as evidenced by his regular music videos and complex stage performances.

From his time with Questions in Dialect, Discover America, Mainframe Theory and Storage 24, to his collaborations with artists like Mute Math’s Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, Kamikaze and tours with Mute Math, Circa Survive, Unwed Sailor, and Mae, Daniel is an experienced performer, and in the studio he’s refined his talent through work with veterans such as Bob Weston and Andy Baker.

Having shaken up the Mississippi music scene and taken more than one tour nationwide, Daniel Guaqueta is poised to spread his art across the globe. - Nick Judin


Daniel Guaqueta - Singer/Songwriter, Drums, Keys
Clay Hardwick - Visuals, Set Designer
Loki - electronics, producer
Brent Varner - Bass & Vocals
AJC - Vocals & MC
Reagan Daniels - Guitar
Ben McCain - keyboards
Jason Daniel - Guitar


2 singles on iTunes (USA, Mexico, UK, Japan), Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon, Napster

Produced & directed 5 music videos for (TR) in the USA.
Produced one music video filmed in Bogota, Colombia (South American markets only).

Has appeared on the following as original member:
Questions in Dialect - As You May Know (Esperanza Plantation Records)
Questions in Dialect - Ghost Wishes to Speak (Burnt Toast Records)
Storage 24 - Self titled EP (Rage 24 Entertainment)
Mainframe Theory - Self Title EP (Self Released), produced and engineered by Bob Weston at Electrical Audio, Chicago.



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